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Robin Watkins – Davis born in 1998 in Tasmania, is an emerging contemporary artist living in the Cotswolds. Recently graduating from Stroud School of Art on the Foundation course with a distinction for her award-winning project ‘SHIFT’ combing her fascination for art and yoga, Robin uses the movement of her body as a bridge between the material and creating her artwork…

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Shift, transform, change, move, deviate, modify, EXCHANGE


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“We found your work very dynamic & energising in a way we had not envisaged before...

... the sense of our embodiment being inherently life-giving and life-affirming - and potentially healing - is the gift we took away from your exhibition... your art has a great capacity to positively communicate to a diverse audience.”

-Simon & Ruth Howell


“ I think you have succeeded in showing real dynamism in these works.  

What comes through is a real tension between the recognisable and the

abstract, the known and unknown, all discovered through the contrast of

lightness and darkness.”

- anonymous

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