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SHIFT Project @ St Laurence Church, Stroud

ART program 2019

The SHIFT Installation open to view daily from

9AM - 7PM

Tickets released on 26th September 2019 at midday.

Saturday 12th October

10 - 11AM Creative movement & body drawing workshop, inspired by yoga with Robin Watkins - Davis

11AM -1PM Illustration workshop with Imogen Harvey Lewis

sunday 13th October

12-2PM - Creative drawing ‘the big draw’ community piece with Simon Packard & Robin Watkins - Davis

2-3PM Art talks from Robin Watkins - Davis & Millie Banks on creativity and invisible illness

3:15 - 5:15PM - Zen art from Japan with Andre, movement warm up, Qigong with Max Watkins

6:30 - 8PM Mindful photography with Ruth Davies from

Monday 14th - Friday 18TH OCTOBER

Arts Award (5 hour workshops on a range of art forms with discussion on well-being and mindfulness) for 5 Primary schools & 3 Secondary schools with Robin Watkins - Davis, Mel Cross & Imogen Harvey Lewis

Tuesday 15th October

4 - 5PM Kids well-being & art workshop with Robin Watkins - Davis

7 :45- 8:45 PM Mark making, print & printing with the body with Robin Watkins - Davis with Feldenkrais movement with Sharon Gimple

Wednesday 16th October

4 - 5PM Kids creative drawing workshop with Robin Watkins - Davis

Thursday 17th October

5 - 6PM ‘Finding your Ally’ Human sculpture and movement workshop with Sophie Perry

6 - 8PM Drawing movement and the human form with Ali Shepard

Friday 18th October

7 - 8PM Aerial performance and circus arts in front of SHIFT installation with School of Larks


6 - 8PM Arts Award prize giving for all students, parents and teachers involved in the program