SHIFT at Gloucester Cathedral

SHIFT at Gloucester Cathedral

SHIFT at Gloucester Cathedral for wearable art & body painting extravaganza.

Art Couture Painswick, well known for their incredible wearable art festivals and events invited me to exhibit the SHIFT installation on 14th June 2019 at Gloucester Cathedral, of course I said yes!

Robin Watkins - Davis SHIFT Gloucester Cathedral

The idea that SHIFT would be in one of the most beautiful and historic buildings was truly moving, this is the building which featured in Harry Potter.

SHIFT was installaed in front of famous and iconic monument by John Flaxman to Sarah Morley (d1784) who died a few days after giving birth whilst travelling back to England from India. Both Sarah and her child were buried at sea. I was honoured to show my work in front of this monument, especially as my art installation was inspired by my yoga practice and yoga birth place is India. Moreover the sculpture and angel wings added to my installation and there was a beautiful exchange and collaboration.

My work was inspired my stain glass windows and I enjoyed watching the reflections change throughout the exhibition as the lighting changed.

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Shift with John Flaxman monument, Gloucester cathedral

In the evening over 500 people flocked to the wearable art show which was judged by a panel of famous artists, Daniel Chadwick, Susanna Buxton, Mary Wing, Sarah Dunning, Alex Box & Emma Willis.

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ACP and SHIFT Body art
ACP wearable art at Gloucester Cathedral