Bringing Stillness to Movement - Why Photography Played an Important Role


Bringing stillness to movement

To begin with, all I knew was that I wanted to combine my two passions of yoga and art. I had no idea how or what the outcome would look like.

However, I did know the why. I had spent time contemplating over why yoga? why art? why are they so important to me, to dedicate so much of my focus and time to them? After a series of mind-maps, meditations and questions I rooted down to one word. SHIFT.

This is what brought me back time and time again to yoga and art, the shift in perspective, mood, feel. The physical shifting of materials and human form.

In yoga we move to become still, the object of yoga is to be comfortable enough for meditation, this sense of moving through turbulence to come to more stillness is felt time and time again on the yoga mat.

The question now was, how can I capture both stillness and movement in my artwork?

I began with photography, experimenting with exposure and layering. Through photography the movement was being frozen in time, bringing stillness to a once moving form.

Robin Watkins Davis photography experiment .jpg
hands in prayer wesbite Robin Watkins - Davis .jpg

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robin movement dance multi exposure.jpg